Hello from the QPD

The Place

When you visit The QPD for the first time (or the 8th time), we think you’ll smile. Not just because of our sparkling clean and modern dental facility with state-of-the-art equipment and nifty technology. Not just because our patients are seen right away and have virtually no wait time. Not because of all the entertainment options we have to offer you to make your visit fly by faster. It’s because of our talented doctors and super-friendly team who are committed to provide you Quality and Personalized Dentistry in an atmosphere that will make you feel like a Queenly Pampered Dear!

While visiting our spotless practice, please do take advantage of our comfort amenities while we provide you with a different kind of remarkable dental care:  

- Massage chairs for the duration of your treatment.  
- Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime streaming to your liking.  
- Nitrous oxide available if needed.  
- Attentive dentists, dental hygienist, dental assistants, and Qualified Patient Director who will take care of you and any questions/concerns/requests you may have!

The People

Dr. Shawn (Shabnam) Salehezadeh

Born and bred in Iran, Dr. Shawn (Shabnam) Salehezadeh and her family emigrated to the U.S. when she was 10 years old. She began her American life in a small town in Texas, and it is with warm Texan pride that Dr. S speaks of her Texan life, the way she was quickly welcomed among the locals, and the way she was encouraged to learn proficient English in a very short time. A decade and a half after her life-changing immigration, Dr. S ended the most memorable era of her student life (woohoo, dental school!), completing a full circle path by becoming the very same thing that she grew up despising: a dentist!

You see, Dr. Salehezadeh is your typical antidentite: she spent her childhood and early adulthood going in and out of dental offices, receiving unpleasant and uncomfortable dental treatment, never feeling like she knew what was going on in her own mouth. She never imagined that she would become a dentist herself!

Dr. Salehezadeh received her Doctorate at University of Texas in 2003. She then completed an additional year of AEGD training at the prestigious California University of the Pacific. Having experienced living on the West Coast for a year, Dr. S then decided to experience living on the East Coast for a year as well, she moved to NYC. Turns out that this move in 2004 was another life-changing one as Dr. S has been a New York City transplant ever since!

After marrying another NYC transplant (him, also with a difficult last name, by way of Poland), Dr. Salehezadeh has been residing and growing her family in Long Island City since 2015. She and her husband have two daughters: a kindergartener and a feisty 2-year-old toddler. Dr. S loves being involved with her daughter's P.S. 384, the Court Square Civics Association, and all activities in the neighborhood. She thoroughly enjoys the sense of community and "small-town feels" that she and her family have developed in LIC over the last few years.

And the newest baby solidifying Dr. Salehezadeh’s roots as a New Yorker/LICer: The QPD, born mid-pandemic in 2020! With the opening of The QPD, Dr. S now proudly gets to treat some of her favorite friends and neighbors. The "small-town feels" that Dr. S enjoys so much within Long Island City has been extended amongst the patients that she runs into within the neighborhood.

At The QPD, Dr. Salehezadeh is thrilled to welcome and show you how dentistry can be experienced in a different way than most people have tolerated throughout their lives. Having been an avid antidentite herself, Dr. Salehezadeh has ensured to practice dentistry with always having a dentaphobe in mind, anticipating all the distressing emotions most patients have tied to anything dental-related. Dr. Salehezadeh is certain that once you meet her and The QPD Team, they will be THE dental practice for you and your needs. After all, she and her team genuinely believe that you and Queens Plaza Deserve Quality and Personalized Dentistry.


The QPD team consists of caring and talented members, ready to welcome and compassionately treat you and your family.

Dr. Forghani


Chynna Lee

Dental Hygienist

Scott Huang

Dental Assistant