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patient Information

At your first appointment at The QPD, it is important to us that we get to know you and learn about your oral health goals before we even ask you to “open wide”! Your concerns and goals will aide us to customize a quality dental plan, personalized just for you.  

At The QPD, we make sure that adequate time is reserved, just for you, for all of your appointments. We do not “double book” and hence the emphasis on making sure we get to see you at the time solely reserved for you. This is especially important now that we are practicing social distancing for your (and our community’s!) safety, and just so you’re prepared, this initial appointment should take about 1 hour of your valuable time. 

Initially, we will begin the new patient visit with (low dose radiation) digital radiographs to help us identify dental disease that cannot be seen by the naked eye.  Please read more about The QPD’s required radiographs for your initial visit here; and please note that if you have an acceptable full-set of radiographs from the last 12 months that you would like for us to utilize, you MUST have them with you or have already sent them to us prior to your visit.  

* Pro tip: have your radiographs emailed directly to you, and you forward them to us ( That way, if the previous office fails to send them, you are aware and can follow-up.

It is the combination of these x-rays and the comprehensive oral exam that will enable your treating dentist to determine what type of teeth cleaning and (if any) restorative treatment are needed. Some of the issues that can be identified through this combo of x-rays and thorough exam are tooth decay, periodontal (gum) disease, pathology, unerupted teeth, and dental infections.  An oral cancer screening is also performed, ensuring early detection of any potential cancerous lesions and therefore increasing chances of successful treatment for various subsets of oral cancer.   

After the completion of the exam, your treating dentist or the hygienist will perform the appropriate cleaning for your oral needs. If any other treatment is required, additional visit can be booked through our helpful Qualified Patient Director.  

new patient forms

With our goals of devising an environmentally friendly, efficient, reliable, safe, and modern dental practice, being “paperless” has been a high priority for The QPD. Our detailed digital forms give us a picture of our new patients, and as we like to fondly think of them, are simply Quick Patient Data, necessary for commencing our professional relationship with you.

Please fill out our New Patient  forms (all of them please!) to the best of your knowledge and kindly do so at least 24 hours prior to your first visit at The QPD. When arriving for your initial visit, we will ask you for a copy of your insurance card (or printout of the web-provided info) and your driver’s license (or equivalent form of identification).


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