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Patient information

Q. You’re a brand-new office and barely have any online reviews. How do I know your doctors are any good?

A. Truthfully, you won’t know -- until you meet us and experience a dental visit with us. Reading more of this website surely can’t convince you because the authors are biased! Maybe you can read a little more about each of the doctors on the individual Google and Yelp accounts (take the reviews with a grain of salt!), and if you still need more to decide, book a virtual consult and take it from there. We look forward to winning you over.

Q. Do you take my insurance?

A. We take all PPO insurance plans and are in-network with many. Please look here and if you don’t see your plan, contact The QPD for more info on your specific insurance plan.

Q. I don’t have insurance and that’s kept me from seeking dental care. I also don’t think I can afford going to a dentist office with all the bells and whistles The QPD seems to have. Can you help me afford regular dental care?

A. We are sorry that reliable dental care has been unavailable for you. We want to change that for you and get you on a path of great oral care. Consider becoming a member of The QPDentites Membership Club and you will soon see that a healthy mouth and maintaining regular dental checkups are achievable for you -- affordably so, and yes, with all the bells and whistles to boot.

Q. No offense, but I don’t like the dentist and I get nervous just looking at your website. No question here, this is just a fact that I needed to share with you. 😊

A. No offense taken, we hear you (loudly!). Dr. Salehezadeh is not exactly an enthusiastic dental patient herself and admits to her lifelong antidentite status. This is exactly why she built The QPD and thought through every aspect of the dental visit that normally irked her and made her nervous, ensuring more comforting and pleasing options for all the other antidentites out there. She then enlisted warm, genial, and highly skilled talents to serve The QPD patients alongside her… Look here and here for some of the comforting details and the friendly faces awaiting you for your visit at The QPD.

Q. The dentist office is not my favorite place to go in normal times, and now during the pandemic, I’m dreading it even more. Will I be safe visiting The QPD?

A. We fully understand your concerns; it may make you feel better that we had all the same concerns (and dreads, TBH) when we first returned to our daily jobs as dental professionals. We get it.
And we want you to know that short of staying home and being 100% free of all outside contacts, visiting The QPD may be the safest visit you can have.
The QPD is a brand-new office, with its inception pre-pandemic and its construction finalization mid-pandemic. Months of research has allowed Dr. Salehezadeh to reinforce and strengthen all of The QPD’s everyday infection control processes, at numerous levels. And while many questions about this novel coronavirus are still unanswered, we have taken all available knowledge into account to design a multi-barrier infection control protocol to minimize the risk while we care for our patients' dental needs. You can read the intricate details of all of our anti-COVID measures here. (Please do read it; we are so very proud of all of it!)

Q. I want to be a new patient at The QPD. How do I book an appointment?

A. We have tried to make it as easy as can be: you can call us (718-YES-2-QPD), email us, or book through our convenient online portal... See you soon!

Q. What forms do I need to fill out for my next visit and when do I need to fill them out by?

A. This is where you find the forms. Please complete ALL of the forms, along with your up to date insurance information, at least 24 hours before your scheduled visit.

Q. What do I need to bring for my first visit at The QPD?

1. A mask: to stay on throughout your visit, except for initial identification and during your treatment
2. Your unexpired driver’s license or identification card
3. Copy of your dental insurance card: if you don’t have a card, a printout of the web-provided information will suffice
4. List of your medicines
5. If you are under the care of a physician for a heart condition, require antibiotics for your dental cleanings, or have been recently treated surgically in the last 12 months: a medical clearance by your physician may be requested prior to any treatment. (If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we may require the same for all treatments other than a dental cleaning.)

Q. I don’t like having x-rays taken. Are you going to take any for my first visit?

A. The short: yes, we absolutely need a set of radiographs, unless you have WITH YOU (or have emailed us IN ADVANCE) a full-set of diagnostic x-ray from the last 12 months. In all other cases (e.g., if the x-rays are older than 12 months, or are undiagnostic, or are incomplete, or are not received by us by the time of your visit), we will need to take new radiographs. We’re quite confident that your dislike for having x-rays tahen will no longer be an issue after your experience at The QPD. (For the long version: read here.)

Q. I don’t think I can make it to my appointment. What is your cancellation policy?

A. We are sorry you can’t make it and hope you can reschedule for a time more convenient for you. We assume you are a new patient and don’t know our policy; don’t worry, when you do make it in for your first visit, we will fully inform you of our cancellation policy for your future visits.  
In the meantime, hopefully you are cancelling with a 24 hours’ advance notice. That’s basically all we ask. We ask for a 24 hours’ notice (via a phone call, a text, or an email) so that we have a chance to offer your unneeded appointment slot to another potential patient of ours. You see, appointments are specifically set aside for the person who makes them, and especially due to COVID-19 and our policies of limiting the number of patients simultaneously in the office, leaving an appointment slot empty hurts our practice and the patients it serves. For that reason (among others), we adhere to a very strict cancellation policy and charge for appointments that are rescheduled or cancelled with less than a 24-hour notice... But since you are a new patient and didn’t know this, you may get a pass. Please call (718-YES-2-QPD) or email us to cancel your appointment. And hopefully see you soon for the rescheduled visit.

Q. Turned out I actually liked you guys at The QPD. A lot. How can I tell more people about you?

A. Yay, we’re so happy you feel that way! We will strive to always keep you feeling this way and are honored to be complimented for the service we love providing. With that said, we would love to have more patients like you, hence the implementation of our Refer a Friend program. Go ahead, refer a friend, and we promise to impress them and make you look good too! Thanks for being an influencer, and even more so, thank you for choosing us to rave about. :)

Q. I have lots more questions (geez, why is this section so short?). How do I get answers?

A. If you’ve looked through this entire site and still haven’t found your answers, we can’t wait to hear your questions! Please call (718-YES-2-QPD) or email us and we will do our best to answer you!